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Getting our Escorts Back


It’s been around a week now since we advertised that we were back online, and it’s a real pleasure to see nearly all of our old advertisers popping up and re-advertising with us.

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Naughty RSS Feeds For You

For those of you that didn’t notice yet – we just added a feed of naughty stuff for people that just can’t wait until their escort arrives.

This all comes from the PornDigg webcams feed and will be updated at various times during the week.

To find it, just scroll down below the main content, and it’s there on the right sidebar (just above the footer on a mobile).

A special service provided to you from Escorts Direct so that wankables are available without ever having to close your browser!


Escorts Direct is Back Online!

Escorts Direct Back Online

Well we warned you, and now Escorts Direct is back, bigger and better than ever!

We’ll need to upgrade the listings yet, but all of your usernames and passwords should be intact, so anyone reading this COULD in effect, login and upgrade their listings, saving us a huge amount of time!

Slightly different outlay this time – you’ll need to upgrade your listing every 30 days – but we’ve made it so that agencies can advertise up to FIVE of their staff in different adverts.

There are NO featured listings as yet, as we need to set up the payment gateway, but keep watching on that one.

Those of you that had BACKLINKED featured listings will automatically be added to our Featured Listings Slider at the top of the page, so get adding those listings!

We’ll be in touch with all the old crowd, explaining how to logon and that it’s a new website now, but until then – welcome back to Escorts Direct – its been a long time!


Agency Advertising on Escorts Direct Part Two

No sooner had we published that escort agencies were limited to thirty photos, that it was pointed out to us that SOME agencies (the more affluent ones!) would need more space to advertise all of their girls.

We need to keep to our policy of one listing per advertiser, but we think that we’ve come up with a solution:

From today, we are going to reduce the amount of photos allowed for regular advertisers to TEN photos per listing (to save space), but anyone wanting more, please read on:

We have placed a new type of listing into your dashboards called MEGA SITES where anyone so requiring can advertise.

A MEGA SITES listing will allow you a humungous 75 photo upload, a place on the new listings advert ticker to keep your listing alive (which will appear below the latest listings), and a small premium advert in the sidebar, all for just £10 per month!

Of course you don’t need to have a massive staff turnover to advertise as a MEGA SITE – this offer is open to everyone, agencies or independent, that wanted a chunk of cheap advertising.

All new MEGA SITE owners need to do after paying for their new ads, is log back in and you will magically have a new 75 photo upload (immediately), a new sidebar advert, and a place on the new carousel (all done within an hour or so).

This is a premium service from Escorts Direct for your pleasure!


Escort Agency Advertising on Escorts Direct

A few of you Escort Agencies will have noticed by now, that only ONE listing is allowed on Escorts Direct.

This is entirely intended to avoid all the London agencies from swamping the website with a million listings each, many of which are the same girls with different names. (Our apologies to those agencies that do not allow this!)

We have a copious photo allowance of THIRTY photos for each listing, which should be plenty to keep ALL agencies happy, be they from London or Netherwich-in-the-Wolds.

If you have advertised as an agency, please note that we have changed the title of your listing to reflect this, and feel free to adapt your listing’s text to reflect that fact.


Free Premium Advertising on Escorts Direct

We’ve been busy grabbing a few freebies for you this week.

You will have noticed that on the first page, there is now an advertising section which is going to run all down the left hand side.

How do I get a piece of that, we hear you say?

Well until we get the official premium advertising all set up, the spaces down the left will be FREE to list for anyone that has a backlink to Escorts Direct on their website.

Just grab one of the banners listed below, and let us know when you added it by emailing us on support@escorts-direct.co.uk and linking it to https://www.escorts-direct.co.uk Within a matter of an hour or so, we’ll have your website up and running on our front page!

Escorts Direct Banner one –

Escorts Direct Banner two –



One Mega Runaround for the Website

Blog Post - Welcome all!

Today saw us hitting our Twitter account and hopefully getting a few new followers. There was a bit of pain, but a LOT of pleasure in the fact that we needed an autoposter setting up, and finally we achieved it!

So from now on, all those genuine girls taking out a listing on the website, will get their listings retweeted. We’re only going at one an hour for the moment, but as soon as the listings arrive, we’ll up the scale a bit.

It just remains for us to say – Welcome to Escorts Direct, and we’ll look forward to meeting you!



Facebook and Twitter Login Enabled

From today, following a load of messing about building various apps, you can now logon directly from your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Email of course is fine – and you might well need to fill in an email to join the website – but it’s great to keep up with the proverbial Jones’s!

If you feel that you needed any other options for logging in, please let us know!



Become an Escorts Direct Girl (or Guy)

Whilst we’re starting up, we are looking for likely girls (and guys) to promote with Featured Listings for free!

If you think that you have the looks and the razzle to be on our front page, enticing all those prospective clients to view those listings, just post a new listing and we’ll get to work sorting out the likely applicants.

If you’re successful, we’ll be in touch and get you emblazoned on our front page in your own location!

Setup Guide

Welcome to Escorts Direct!

A comprehensive setup guide to help you in setting up your Escorts Direct advertising.


ALL THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE – unless you happen to be in the adult industry!

That’s why we set up Escorts Direct, so that adult providers have a realistic advertising medium for their services.

Clients can join too – to join in on our Private Messaging system – an exclusive feature at Escorts Direct!

So how does it work?

Follow our Escorts Direct setup guide…


1 – Log In


Sounds a little obvious here, but to gain access to the listings manager, or to send private messages, you need to be logged in. Enter a username, and a password, and hit the blue button – it’s that simple! Just check your email to confirm and you’re good to go!


2- Your Profile


This is not required, but we think it gives an extra outlet for you to grab some advertising. Hit the DASHBOARD button (My Account in the footer on a mobile) and you will have instant access to your listings, your feedback, your messages, and much more. Don’t worry about your information becoming public, as any visitor to your profile page will be halted at the above image, where they have an option to send you a private message.


3- Placing your Listings

Ok ,this is what you’ve been waiting for – placing your listing on Escorts Direct! After you made sure that you’re logged in, you’ll be hitting the ‘Add New Listing’ button from the main menu, when you’ll be greeted with this little lot –


From the left – you will see the choice of choosing either a FREE listing, or a FEATURED listing. The listings manager is set to FREE by default, so if you wanted a FEATURED listing, make sure to enable it by clicking on it. There will also be the option to choose daily ‘POPS’ at £1 per day – featured listings have this option enabled by default. If you wanted to revert to a FREE listing at any time after your pops and/or featured listing has elapsed, either just leave it, or ensure that you click on FREE listing to renew. You can renew a FEATURED listing at any time by clicking on the ‘RENEW’ button.

Next along, is the ‘Listings Description’ button. This will be open by default, and have a brief outline regarding advertising with Escorts Direct, plus of course the Listings Description box. Add the title of your listing, and then add the description – there is a 100 word minimum on this. These fields are both REQUIRED.

Next is the ‘Listing Details’ box, where all your information gets saved. Choose an affiliation – either escort, massage, agency or otherwise, and top things up by adding your Twitter address, your Facebook address, your phone number, and your website address. All of this info will be added to your listing. For your own convenience, and knowing that some adult providers do not have web accounts, only the Affiliation and Phone Number fields are REQUIRED.

The ‘Listings Category’ box looks a little daunting at first, but it’s really easy to use –


You can advertise in up to 30 areas. In the above example, someone is advertising in the North East area, and wants to add localities to their listing, which they do by adding Newcastle, or Durham, or Sunderland, or even all three  to their listing. You can either check ‘North East’ or not, its up to you. To advertise in those areas with just one option, eg Worldwide or XXX Phone Sex, you MUST choose your category as this option is REQUIRED.

The next part of this section deals with your Listing Attachments. You are able to add up to 30 attachments, which is enough for even the busiest escort agency to cope with. Please make sure that your photos are reduced in size (by megabytes, not physically made to be smaller), otherwise they might not load up. This option is REQUIRED.

The ‘Listings Location’ box is the final one, and gives a full explanation on why those advertising in areas with single locations should fill this one in.


The onsite map at the moment shows a view of London. If you were to type in your area of work into the ‘Physical Location Box’, be that Gateshead, some area of Russia, or Vatican City (though we don’t suppose many adult providers will be working from there!) the map will refresh to show exactly where you say you’ll be working from. Your area will then be searchable in the ‘Country, Area, City’ boxes. This is essential for those using ‘Worldwide’ as their area of work, and could also be useful for those in the UK in letting clients know where you are. This option is OPTIONAL but nevertheless recommended.

After that, its as simple as hitting the SAVE button to publish your listing!

Please note – listings published in the FREE section and the FEATURED section will need admin approval before going live.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this setup guide for Escorts Direct, and now its ALL UP TO YOU!