Getting our Escorts Back


It’s been around a week now since we advertised that we were back online, and it’s a real pleasure to see nearly all of our old advertisers popping up and re-advertising with us.

Moving on to the business side of things, we now have the payment gateways sorted out, with some amazing offers for either a short-time advert, or for those in it for the long haul. While it would be nice to have lots of new paid advertisements, we would probably suggest that you hold back for a while and see how the website as a whole progresses. Nothing like advertising with ethics, eh? I bet you don’t see THAT very often!

One final announcement for today, and that is regarding our RSS feed. We weren’t that happy with the mobile device support from our old supplier, so we’ve moved on to Chaturbate, which supplies muchos wankables provided that you turn off any ad-blockers you may have running. There can be any number of shows on Chaturbate up to our maximum of five items, so get in there and see who’s online today!

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625 total views, 1 today


625 total views, 1 today

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